About Us

We at Nirmal Home Care aim to help seniors live happy, active and independent lives, in the comfort of their home and community through interactive care giving.

Nirmal Home Care was established in October 2013 with two complementary goals - firstly to provide quality home care services to seniors with limited mobility and social interaction due to various constraints, and secondly to facilitate stimulating community interaction and participation.

We provide home services that cater to the intellectual and emotional well being of seniors.

Our first proposed activity centre will be located in Rohtak(Haryana).Our center will offers seniors a natural space where they can nourish their mind, body and soul. Seniors come to the centre to participate in purposeful and recreational activities, interact socially and unwind. We plan to open many such centers across worldwide.

We also facilitate a dementia support group that provides caregivers a a friendly and safe place to connect, share and support.


Our vision is to promote natural health across the globe by adapting Nature Cure way of life which is holistic, and which helps people learn how to activate their innate ability to fight diseases so that people do not suffer from preventable diseases and which , being drugless, heals without side effect.

To protect the Cows & improve their feeding & living standards & keep them in clean atmosphere.

To set up world class spiritual center for human beings for peace, prosperity & good health.

To set up a Panchgavya Therapy Research centre & practicing center for critical ailments.

To spread the awareness about the importance of Cow – A UNIVERSAL MOTHER.

To know more about the rich properties of Cow – A UNIVERSAL MOTHER.

To underscore the importance of spiritualism in human life and to create a complex, where people can do research, meditate, enjoy a multimedia experience and learn about the facts of happy & prosperous life in a pristine and historic environment.


Our mission is to continue to provide high quality , effective , Nature Cure treatment which is preventive, educative and curative, to the suffering humanity, to be world's leading health care provider in the field of natural healing by promoting a healthy life style among citizens through practicing a drugless regimen comprising Naturopathy , Yoga , Diet , Physiotherapy Acupuncture, and Ayurvedic treatments , such as Shirodhara , Basti etc, in an eco-friendly campus with organic vegetation , to provide ample space for economically restricted section of the society , to offer high quality medical service including using best in class diagnostic equipments to cater an error free diagnosis , and above all , to encourage people to get into life-style correction by educating them about how to take care of their own body and to prevent diseases without the help of any external agency and achieve their best possible health ambition for a disease-free , high quality life .

The Goshala project is expected to make a major difference to global visitors from the world in the times to come. it is the project’s ambition to leap frog into the next era and lead the people into a world of spiritualism, away from the frenetic peace of life as well as the discordant notes of different religions.

The new generation requires a direction an purpose. This is possible only through a journey into the inner self, a journey from the gross to the subtle.