Facility For Visitors

At Nirmal Home Care , we give prime importance to our patients’ requirements and we ensure that our guests are provided with the best of services to aid them in their recovery. With state-of-the-art infrastructure equipped with modern amenities, guests are assured a comfortable stay at the facility. Surrounded in the midst of nature, spread over 100 acres of lush green property, Nirmal Home Care facilitates overall natural healing seamlessly.

At Nirmal Home Care, we treat almost all kinds of ailments except highly transmissible diseases and surgical cases. Our wellness programs brings awareness amongst patients about natural healing and preventive measures that helps them continue living a healthy and balanced life.

Nirmal Health Care provides you a wide range of facilities including

Travel Agent
Although we expect you to come here with a pre arranged return journey, you may still need assistance in your local as well as out-station journey. We have a travel agent at your service, just outside the Security Gate.

Nirmal Hall
All purpose community hall for lectures of doctors, cooking demos, entertainment programmes, morning yoga(SR/DR/FW) and afternoon session (in summer) of yoga are part of activities here.

Cowpen (Gaushala)

A Cowpen (Gaushala) also has been , where about 100 cows of Haryana & Sahiwal  are being reared.The mission for the preservation, improvisation and manufacture of Ayuvedic Products requires cow milk, cow urine, dung etc. The dung obtained from Gaushala is being used as compost manure or bio-technical manure so that the organic food grains, fruits, vegetables, milk can be obtained.  Biogas is being produced from dung with which the daily needs of NIRMAL HOME CARE are being                                 fulfilled.

Water Fall

At Nirmal Home Care, you will find yourself surrounded by nature. The waterfall at our center cascades into a beautiful pool that gives you the sentiment of being in harmony with nature and benefitting from its curative properties.we believe in creating a sustainable global environment and do our bit to facilitate the same. Hence, we work with small farmer families to cultivate thousands of acres of land to grow organic crops under strict guidelines that we also use in our therapeutic                                       treatments and diets.

Nature Walk

A walk amongst lush green plains and tall trees can give you that small dose of wilderness your spirit craves. Our walking track of 2.3 km is the ideal trail for your morning hiking where you can enjoy nature at your own pace.

Jogging Track

A quick run is the best method of re-vitalizing yourself. Our 3 meter wide jogging track is surrounded by beautiful trees, serving as an idyllic ambience for fitness junkies to take a quick jog amidst serenity.

Diet Centre
Nirmal Home Care does not use medicines, but uses food as medicine. However, organically grown vegetable, steamed/nutritionally cooked and fresh fruits/juices may not taste like the food you regularly take in restaurant or even at home. But after all, you are here for your health, and not for taste.

“As food is to the body, prayer is to the mind” said Mahatma Gandhi. For prayer, a temple is available in the campus.

Badminton Court
There are badminton court in the campus. Playing rackets are also provided.However ,feather/shuttle cock are to be bought by the players.

If you want to be fit and fine, gym exercises will help you with modern equipments. However you will take these exercises strictly as per your ward doctor’s advice.